About Me

I am a wife, a mom of 4 beautiful kids, a Charted Accountant and the owner of Perfetto! I said good bye to the corporate business world 10 years ago and worked for myself ever since.⁣ If 2020 has taught us anything it is that the separation between home and work is fickle. As a working mom, having small children and loving beautiful things and a clean & perfect home, I realized that you can still have it all! ⁣

What is perfection? How do you measure it?

A perfect home is not one that can’t be faulted. A perfect home is one where its people find rest and love❤️

This shop is a collection of items that I use in my own home. Products in this store have three things in common: They are beautiful and well made but more than anything they are practical.⁣ I hope that the products in Perfetto store will give your family as much joy as they have given mine.

  • Woodtop Diffusers – Having small kids that constantly remove the sticks of the Reed Diffusers with their little hands are now resolved with this new and amazing Wood Top diffusers that can not spill and no more broken Diffuser sticks laying around in your house.
  • Toy in a Tin & Creative (Knit and Sew activities) – Keeping kids busy, productive and still teach them skills are now much easier with these amazing products. Perfect screen free activity.
  • Pretend Play – Nothing is more important for a Child`s development than to play & pretend…these skills are so important to develop when still young (Melissa & Dough toys).
  • Kids Night Lights – Having a toddler that do not want to go to bed alone at night? Surprise your toddler with this super cute night light that will provide just enough light to keep any “night monster” away and to have a “friend” to sleep with. It is safe for kids, made out of non-toxic, eco-friendly PVC.
  • For Mom – Making mom`s life easier  – Why not invest in beautiful cast iron cookware that can be used straight from the oven to the table. Cover your prepared food with the Halo Dish Covers – they are breathable, no  condensation and food cools quickly in the fridge due to evaporation. They are a statement on any table and afterwords you can just cover your dishes and straight to the fridge (much prettier and so much easier than Cling wrap). Mom not a cook? Then spoil mom with some beautiful and unique earrings.
  • Mom Time – Spoil yourself or a friend with beautiful cast iron tea infuser – preparing tea from a beautiful Tetubin. Simply Coffee is a range of affordable, high-quality Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules that will have your back in the mornings, afternoons and after a long days work (or play).
  • Custom made sleeves – always struggling to get the perfect fit for laptops, tablets or ipads for traveling ? You will find the perfect fit, excellent quality and beautiful designs from IVY.
  • Home decor – Beautiful Baskets, Trays and Accessories to create a relaxed environment or to organize your home. Travel with a bit of Perfetto with the Shoe and Laundry bags.

Love from a Mom x