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My Pick for the Month: Botany Floral Diffuser

Swiss perfume sprayed directly onto the floral diffuser.

The BOTANY range of products is an upmarket, beautiful alternative to room sprays, stick diffusers, or oil-burning diffusers, and are perfect gifting or homeware items.



At Home with Perfetto – carefully hand selected homeware items to host and create the perfect setting for your guests with effortless style.


Give your home a new fresh start with unique hand made Baskets and Home Fragrances. Create a space you`ll love to live in with these home essentials & decor or travel with a bit of “Perfetto” – stay organized.


Stylish statement Paperweights and Stationary to light up your work space.

Educational toys

Educational toys designed specifically to encourage children’s learning through play (Melissa & Dough toys) & Creative toys and activities.

KIDS Hair Accessories

How Cute is this Zoo Cookies?

Kids Night Lights 60% off SALE

Non-toxic and eco-friendly PVC


Simply Coffee – a range of affordable, high-quality Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules


Timeless and statement jewellery pieces that will suit every outfit.

As women we hold ourselves to such a standard of perfection. But what is perfection? Perfect on which measure? A perfect home is not one that can’t be faulted. A perfect home is one where its people find rest. The products in this store have three things in common: They are beautiful and well made but more than anything they are practical. Allowing you to enjoy your family and the space you created for them.

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